Denture Replacement

Do you want to smile with more confidence and comfort? Many people find traditional dentures to be cumbersome and frustrating. While functional, traditional dentures may cause you to experience frustrations such as:

  •      Messy adhesives or pastes
  •      Irritation along the gum line
  •      Slippage
  •      Difficulty eating, drinking, or speaking

With the help of dental implants, these problems can be virtually erased. Implant supported dentures can offer you an innovative, affordable, and natural looking solution to missing teeth. In addition, some patients who are not ideal candidates for a full set of dental implants have found that implant supported dentures provide an alternative means of attaining their goals.

Benefits of Denture Replacement

Since the dental implants lock your new replacement denture into place, the need for adhesives or pastes is completely eliminated. Thanks to the secure fit of your new dentures, you will no longer have to worry about food restrictions. In addition, your custom-designed replacement dentures are made with a high degree of precision to rest comfortably along your gum line, greatly reducing both irritation and that feeling of “slippage.” Implant supported dentures have also been shown to reduce the risk of bone loss as well as minimize stress to the gums. Our cosmetic dentists work with you to design replacement dentures that look – and feel – like your natural teeth.

Denture Replacement Procedure

implant-supported-dentures_1The first step to acquiring implant supported dentures is the dental implant procedure. Your dentist will insert a number of dental implants along your gum line that will be used to secure your replacement denture into place. Over time, these dental implants become permanently bonded to your jawbone and can offer unparalleled support for your replacement denture. The exact number of dental implants required varies from case to case, and your dentist will discuss which approach might best meet your needs.

All-on-4® / All-on-6® Anchored Dentures

All-on-4® and All-on-6® anchored dentures are a specific type of implant supported denture that can give you a full new set of teeth. Using either four or six dental implants placed in the upper or lower gums, All-on-4® and All-on-6® anchored dentures offer the same advantages as other implant supported dentures. However, All-on-4® and All-on-6® anchored dentures can typically be completed in a single visit, giving our patients at Upper East Side Dental Arts a significant added benefit. Additionally, the two posterior implants are tilted at an angle, allowing for a longer implant and increased bone-to-implant contact for patients with minimal jawbone density. In just one day, you can enjoy a beautiful new set of teeth.

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Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Dr. Konstantine Trichas now practices dentistry in The Tristate Area. He graduated as a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) at SUNY Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, and completed a General Practice Residency at Muhlenberg Hospital in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Subsequently, Dr. Trichas received his Fellowship at the Academy of General Dentistry, and completed Advanced Educational Training with The Hornbrook Group. As a top Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Trichas is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and takes full advantage of the latest technology and techniques available to diagnose and educate his patients.